Enable your Attention for English Learning.

  • Leverage your interests with immersive learning in real contexts.
  • Step-by-step guidance with the help of spaced repetition.
  • Deliberate practice with the help of AI tutor.

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What we will Offer

The only secret to language learning is your attention. However, we try to provide you a better learning experience. And we believe our application could boost your learning productivity.

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Personalized Learning

Boost your learning efficiency with your interests. What interests you is the best material to learn English.

Spaced Repetition

Preserving what you learn. Our application provides deliberate practice for your weaknesses.

Flow Experience

Enagage in the learning process, We provide a enjoyable and painless learning experience.

AI Tutoring

AI technology continues to advance, and you will has a personal AI tutor to help you learn English.